If you are remaining at Harrisburg University but changing to a different academic program (e.g. from a Bachelor's to a Master's program or from a Master's to another Master's program), ISO must issue you a new I-20.

You will not receive your new I-20 until the start of your new program.  You cannot receive it any earlier- the only exception is if you require travel outside of the country, then the ISO can issue you an initial I-20.

Once you have received a letter of acceptance for the new program of study, you may then submit a request to the ISO for your new Form I-20.  You must request your new I-20 within 60 days of the end date of your previous I-20.

You will need to submit a Change of Educational Level Request HERE. Perform the following steps to complete the process:

    1. Click the "request" button

    2. Select the Term and Year of your new program start date

    3. Read the instructions

    4. Attach a new affidavit of support and supporting bank statement for your extended period of study

    5. Complete the Change of Level-Student Questionnaire

    6. Click Submit

Your I-20 will be prepared by the ISO. Please collect your I-20 from the International Student Office on your new program start date.