Important Note About Selecting a SEVIS Release Date:  


Earliest SEVIS Release Date –HU has 6 semesters per year. Your SEVIS record must be released before the start date of the semester you were admitted to. If you release your SEVIS record before the start date of an earlier semester, you will be required to attend that semester instead of the semester you have been admitted to. If you do not attend the next available semester following your SEVIS release date, you will need to depart the U.S. and return with a new Initial I-20.  

Please be sure to work with your current institution to set a release date that complies with these rules. 


Latest SEVIS Release Date: Day before classes begin for your semester of enrollment. Any students whose SEVIS record has not been transferred by this date will be deferred to a future semester.  


Please refer to the Academic Calendar to choose your SEVIS release date. 




Pre-arrival Steps for F-1 Transfer Students: 

Transfer students who currently hold a valid SEVIS record (F-1 status) at another institution must request that their current F-1 SEVIS record be transferred to Harrisburg University. To determine transfer eligibility, students should consult with their current DSO. 

The following steps must be followed: 

  1. Apply for Acceptance to Harrisburg University as an F-1 Student 
  2. Show your HU Acceptance letter to your Transfer Out School's DSO. Follow their process to Transfer Out your SEVIS record and choose a release date (see above note). The DSO must also complete the electronic request sent to them after you submit a transfer-in I-20 request (see #6 below). Provide your Transfer Out School with Harrisburg University's SEVIS School Code: PHI214F02099000  
  3. Pay the Tuition Deposit
  4. Register for classes – be sure to register for 6 credits. One course must be in the executive (in-person) format 
  5. Receive HU login Credentials. Please use your HU email when contacting HU offices. Please wait 24 hours after receiving your credentials to submit any requests in the ISO's Terra Dotta software. 
  6. Submit a request for a Transfer-in I-20 from Harrisburg University. The request will require you to complete a questionnaire and provide the contact details of the International Student Advisor/DSO at your Transfer Out school in the "Recommendations" section. Please inform your International Student Advisor that an electronic Recommendation Request will be sent to them, which will request information about your SEVIS record.  
  7. Submit a Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Request for work authorization or submit the Academic Work Placement Waiver to the Registration Office, if not planning to do CPT at this time. 
  8. Pay remaining Tuition Fees by the deadline. 
  9. Attend Orientation - information will be sent by Graduate Student Services
  10. Receive your I-20 and attend your first in-person executive class! Check your I-20 for accuracy.


If all enrollment tasks are completed on time, students will receive their I-20 to their HU email by the first day of classes. 


Here’s a video summarizing the process!