All work placements must be approved by the Records & Registration office before you can submit a CPT work authorization request in Terra Dotta

1. First you will need to complete the Academic Work Placement Form and submit it to the Office of Records and Registration by creating a new ticket in the Records & Registration Support Portal . Please remember to attach your job offer letter, as well as a job description. All questions about this process should be directed to the Records & Registration Support Portal.

2. Once the Records & Registration Office approves your Academic Work Placement form by completing the gray box at the bottom of page 2, you can submit your Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Work Authorization request in Terra Dotta here.

Please do not submit your CPT request before your AWP form is signed by the Records & Registration Office or it will be denied.

NOTE: You can not begin working until you receive your I-20 with CPT authorization and can only work for the employer and dates on the second page. If you would like to apply for an extension of your CPT authorization you will need to submit a new CPT authorization request.