Update Address, Legal Name, or Major within 10 days of a Change

  • As F-1 students, federal regulations require you to report any change of U.S. address, legal name, or major to your sponsoring institution within 10 days of the change.
  • How to report an address change:
    • Submit a request to the Office of Records and Registration HERE to update your local US address.
  • How to report a legal name change:
    • Submit a New Support Ticket to this portal requesting the name change.
    • Attach a copy of your new passport with your new legal name.
  • How to report a major change:
    • You must request the change of major with the Office of Records and Registration and receive approval before submitting a request to ISO.
    • Once the change is approved, please login to the Terra Dotta System and navigate to the request center to submit the Change of Program request.

Obtain Program Extension to Continue Study beyond End Date on I-20

  • In order to remain in the U.S. to complete the program of study beyond the date authorized on the I-20, you must request a program extension through the International Student Office.
    • Apply at least 30 days before the expected completion date noted on your I-20.
    • There must be a valid academic or medical reason for extending the time necessary to complete the program.
    • If you fail to have your I-20 extended prior to the expiration date of the document you are considered out of status and may need to apply for reinstatement to regain student status.
  • How to apply for a Program Extension:
    • Login to the Terra Dotta System and navigate to the Request Center to find the Program Extension request.
    • We recommend that students access Terra Dotta through a desktop/laptop device, as mobile compatibility is limited. 

Transfer F-1 SEVIS Record when Changing Schools

  • In order to transfer from Harrisburg University to another school in the U.S., an F-1 student must submit the following to a Designated School Official (DSO):
    • Acceptance Letter from the new school
    • Transfer Form from the new school
    • The desired transfer release date
  • How to request a F-1 SEVIS Transfer Out

Obtain a new I-20 to begin New Degree Program

  • If you want to continue at HU in a different academic level (e.g. bachelors to masters) or, if you want to change to a new degree program at the same level after completing a degree, you must apply for a change of program, which will extend your F-1 study at HU.
  • You must first apply for admission to a new program with the Office of Records and Registration by completing the Second Master's Form in your MyHU Portal.  MyHu > Academics > E-Forms
    • The International Student Office (ISO) will receive a notification from the Office of Records and Registration of students admitted to a new degree program after final grades have been reported for the last semester of the current degree.  
    • You may then submit a request for a new Form I-20 in the Terra Dotta System.

Obtain Permission before Departing or Withdrawing from Harrisburg University

  • Students planning to withdraw from Harrisburg University must complete an official withdrawal form on
    MyHU > Academics > E-Forms.  The Office of Records and Registration will process the withdrawal.
    • F-1 Students have a grace period of 15 days toor to depart the US after withdrawing early from a program.
  • Students must be approved by ISO for reduced course load or a semester break.
    • You may submit a request for a Semester Break or Reduced Course Load in the Terra Dotta System.