Update Address, Legal Name, or Major within 10 days of a Change

  • As F-1 students, federal regulations require you to report any change of U.S. address, legal name, or major to your sponsoring institution within 10 days of the change.
  • How to report an address change:
    • Submit a request to the Office of Records and Registration HERE to update your local US address.
  • How to report a legal name change:
    • Submit a New Support Ticket to this portal requesting the name change.
    • Attach a copy of your new passport with your new legal name.
  • How to report a major change:
    • You must request the change of major with the Office of Records and Registration and receive approval before submitting a request to ISO.
    • Once the change is approved, submit the request form for a new I-20 to reflect the change HERE.

Obtain Program Extension to Continue Study beyond End Date on I-20

  • In order to remain in the U.S. to complete the program of study beyond the date authorized on the I-20, you must request a program extension through the International Student Office.
    • Apply at least 30 days before the expected completion date noted on your I-20.
    • There must be a valid academic or medical reason for extending the time necessary to complete the program.
    • If you fail to have your I-20 extended prior to the expiration date of the document you are considered out of status and may need to apply for reinstatement to regain student status.
  • How to apply for a Program Extension:
    • Complete the Program Extension request form HERE

Transfer F-1 SEVIS Record when Changing Schools

  • In order to transfer from Harrisburg University to another school in the U.S., an F-1 student must submit the following to a Designated School Official (DSO):
    • Acceptance Letter from the new school
    • Transfer Form from the new school
    • The desired transfer release date
  • How to request a F-1 SEVIS Transfer Out
    • Complete the required steps and request form HERE

Obtain a new I-20 to begin New Degree Program

  • If you want to continue at HU in a different academic level (e.g. bachelors to masters) or, if you want to change to a new degree program at the same level after completing a degree, you must apply for a change of program, which will extend your F-1 study at HU.
  • You must first apply for admission to a new program with the Office of Records and Registration by completing the Second Master's Form in your MyHU Portal.  MyHu > Academics > E-Forms
    • The International Student Office (ISO) will receive a notification from the Office of Records and Registration of students admitted to a new degree program after final grades have been reported for the last semester of the current degree.  
    • You may then submit a request for a new Form I-20 HERE.

Obtain Permission before Departing or Withdrawing from Harrisburg University

  • Students planning to withdraw from Harrisburg University must complete an official withdrawal form on 
    MyHU > Academics > E-Forms.  The Office of Records and Registration will process the withdrawal.
    • F-1 Students have a grace period of 15 days toor to depart the US after withdrawing early from a program.
  • Students must be approved by ISO for reduced course load or a semester break.
    • You may submit a request for a semester break HERE.
    • You may submit a request for authorization for reduced course load HERE.