To transfer to another institution, please review the information below before submitting your request:


Overview and Eligibility 

  • You are eligible to transfer to another institution only if you maintain valid F-1 status. 
  • If you are not maintaining valid F1 status, you must confirm with your new school that they will accept your SEVIS record in terminated status.  
  • You must obtain admission to the new school (admission letter or email required)   
  • If you wish to complete the semester at HU, then your SEVIS record must remain at HU until the last day of class. Therefore, the SEVIS record can be released the day after classes end. 
  • Once the transfer release date passes, Harrisburg University cannot access your SEVIS record and you must report to the new institution. 
  • If you wish to transfer prior to the completion of your HU program, you should consult the International Student Office (ISO) in advance to discuss transfer timing and eligibility requirements.  
  • As of the transfer release date, you will no longer be eligible to work either on-campus at HU, through Curricular Practical Training (CPT), or on your Post-Completion OPT. 
  • F-1 students who complete their HU program must release their SEVIS record to the new institution within 60 days of the I-20 end date or the Post-Completion OPT end date. 
  • You must begin classes at the transfer-in school within the next available term. For F-1 students, the next available term must be within five months of the last date of attendance at HU or OPT end date. 
  • If you are not eligible to transfer the SEVIS record from HU to the new institution, you must request a new SEVIS record be created by the new institution. You must leave and re-enter the U.S. by using the new I-20 and consult an adviser at the new institution for further instruction on travel and reentry. 

How to request a SEVIS transfer out: 

  • When you are ready to submit your request, please login to the Terra Dotta System and navigate to the Request Center to find the Transfer Out request
    • We recommend that students access Terra Dotta through a desktop/laptop device, as mobile compatibility is limited. 
  • Complete the questionnaire with school name and code for the school you are transferring to 
  • Also in the questionnaire, include your desired SEVIS transfer release datePlease consult with the DSO at your new school to determine an appropriate SEVIS release date.  
  • Attach a copy of the Acceptance Letter and/or the transfer form from the new school.