When will I receive my I-20? As long as you have registered for classes, paid your tuition, and graduated from your previous program, you will receive your I-20 on your first day of your new program. 

Does CPT automatically carry over from my previous program? No- you will need to apply for CPT for your new program.  

Will I still be in status between my two programs?  Yes- you will be in your 60 day grace period, which means you are still in F-1 status.  You are not permitted to work during that time, but you will still remain in status.

When I submit the "change of level" application, will I receive my I-20?  No, you will only receive your I-20 once your new program has begun.  The change of level application indicates to the International Office that you are applying for a new program.  The ISO still needs to make sure that every student has registered, paid their tuition, and graduated before issuing the I-20.

Do I need to submit an Affidavit of Support?  Only if you are using a sponsor's bank statement.  If you are sponsoring yourself, you do not need to upload it. 

Please be advised students are only allowed to complete two Master's degree programs at HU