First, it is imperative that you contact the International Student Office at your current school (called the transfer Out school for the purposes of transferring).  You must notify a DSO at your current school that you would like to have your SEVIS record transferred to HU.  Every school has their own way of processing such requests, so make sure to abide by your school's policy when requesting to be transferred out. 

DO NOT WAIT until the last minute. 

Provide your DSO at the Transfer Out school with a copy of your HU letter of acceptance. Tell the DSO that they will be receiving HU's electronic transfer form via email which will provide them with the SEVIS school code for Harrisburg University of Science and Technology PHI214F02099000 and HU DSO Contact information.

Next, you MUST log into Terra Dotta using the login credentials provided to you after making your deposit. Once you have successfully logged in, open the 'New International Students' menu option and select 'Transfer SEVIS Record to Harrisburg'.

Next you will need to read the information and then select 'Request':

Now you will need to complete the 'Request Electronic Recommendation' form. This is how you will send the electronic transfer form to your current International Student Advisor. You must enter the contact information for your advisor.  

Then, complete the Student Questionnaire for Transfer In.  

After you complete both the Recommendations and the Questionnaire sections, you will need to click SUBMIT at the top of the page.  

Once you submit the request, an email message will be sent to your advisor with a link to the electronic SEVIS transfer form (there is no paper SEVIS transfer form). 

IMPORTANT NOTE: SEVIS records must arrive no later than one day prior to the first day of classes of the semester.  If your SEVIS record has not arrived by that time, you will be withdrawn from classes.