Your attorney or employer will receive official notification from USCIS regarding a decision on your H-1B petition.  Please refer to them regarding the decision as the ISO does not receive notification from USCIS about student status.

If you have been approved for H-1B Change of Status, you should notify the ISO by submitting a ticket in the ISO Student Support Portal and attaching a copy of your I-797A Approval Notice.  If you do not submit a ticket informing the ISO, your records at HU will not be updated.

Your H-1B status will not become active until the start date on the I-797A (most often this is October 1, although it could be a date after that).  This means that you must maintain your F-1 status until your H-1B status becomes active.  Maintaining F-1 status means maintaining a full-time course load (6 credits per semester, 3 of which must be offered in executive format) and making normal progress in your program.  Failure to maintain your F-1 status prior to your H-1B status becoming active can have a negative impact.

On the date your H-1B status becomes active, USCIS will automatically terminate your SEVIS record for “Change of Status Approved.”  At that point you are no longer on F-1 status and do not have to adhere to F-1 regulations.

H-1B visa holders are legally able to study in the United States, and we strongly encourage students to continue their studies and complete their program at HU.  Students are not automatically withdrawn from the university once their H-1B status becomes active.  If you wish to withdraw, you must submit the correct form to be processed by the Office of Records and Registration.

Because you no longer have to adhere to F-1 regulations once your H-1B status becomes active, you are free to continue your studies at HU either full-time (6 credits per semester), or part-time (only 3 credits per semester), and/or entirely online (no executive format)!  Therefore, you can complete your program at your own leisure, meaning all of the time, money, and hard work you have put into your degree does not go to waste!