Your attorney or employer will receive official notification from USCIS regarding a decision on your H-1B petition, called an I-797.  Please refer to them regarding the decision as the ISO does not receive notification from USCIS about student status updates.

Sample I-797A Approval Notice

If you have been approved for H-1B Change of Status: 


  1. Notify the ISO immediately by creating a new support ticket and attaching a copy of your I-797A Approval Notice.  
  2. Your H-1B status will not become active until the start date on the I-797A. On the date your H-1B status becomes active, USCIS will automatically terminate your SEVIS record for “Change of Status Approved.”  Until this change takes place, you must maintain your F-1 student status (full-time course load, executive format class, academic progress). 
  3. On your effective date, you are no longer on F-1 status and do not have to adhere to F-1 regulations.
  4. If you receive an I-797B, you will usually be required to exit the U.S. and return to your country of residence to have your visa stamped at an American consulate. If this is the case, please send ISO your visa stamp as soon as possible. 

H-1B visa holders are legally able to study in the United States, and we strongly encourage students to complete their program at HU. Once you submit your I-797A or visa stamp to the ISO and receive confirmation that your student file has been updated:

  •  You can continue your studies full-time or part-time (3 credits per semester) and you no longer need to take classes in the executive format. 
  • Students are not automatically withdrawn from HU once their H-1B status becomes active.  If you wish to withdraw, you must  follow these instructions




- If you do not submit a ticket informing the ISO, your records at HU will not be updated.

- Failure to maintain your F-1 status prior to your H-1B status becoming active can have a negative impact.
- Once your H-1B is approved, you will no longer require an I-20 as either your change of status approval notice with your new I-94 record OR your H-1B visa stamp will serve as your work authorization, replacing your F-1 visa status within the United States.