What should I do if I receive a Request for Evidence (RFE)?

 If your H-1B application is selected in the lottery, USCIS may issue a “Request for Evidence” (RFE). Within the RFE, Harrisburg University may be asked to submit documentation regarding your enrollment and maintenance of F1 status.

Once you receive the RFE and determine the need for a response from the International Student Office, please upload a full copy to TerraDotta by following the instructions below. No RFE response will be processed without receiving a copy of the document.

Your student account will then be charged a processing fee of $250.

Responding to an RFE involves the production of multiple official university documents and a written response by the PDSO. The RFE fee must be paid prior to receiving the response. 


Due to the large volume of RFEs received between the months of May and October, we suggest submitting your RFE as soon as possible in order to receive a timely response.

You will receive a scanned copy of the RFE Response when it is complete.

How to submit your RFE document:

Submit all pages of your USCIS RFE to ISO for review and processing HERE

Can I request an RFE package prior to receiving an RFE?

Due to the high volume of RFE’s we receive we do not provide documentation in advance of the student receiving an official RFE from USCIS. While each RFE document is provided in a similar format, RFE’s are not identical. We also cannot predict who and who will not be selected in the lottery. The International Student Office does not provide official documentation for H-1B petitions until a student receives and submits a Request for Evidence (RFE) after being selected in the H-1B lottery.