The SEVP Form I-20 and visa interview at the U.S. Consulate require you to show sufficient funding to cover the financial requirements of your program.

Please note:

  • Only proof of your FIRST YEAR of expenses is required.
  • These requirements are estimated expenses and are subject to change.
  • The estimated and actual figures may differ but minor discrepancies will not affect the visa application.
  • The amount includes tuition, fees and living expenses for 3 semesters over 12 months (any combination of Fall, Spring and Summer semesters).
  • The financial information will appear on your I-20.
  • The financial document(s) you provide must equal or exceed the financial requirement for your program.
  • The amount shown on your I-20 may be less than the amount you have provided on your financial statements. The I-20 only needs to show you have funds for the estimated cost for your program.
  • Documents must not be older than 1 year.
  • Highly recommended: Convert funds into U.S. dollars. If not possible, clearly indicate the quantity and type of currency.