The spouse and unmarried minor children (under 21 years of age) of the F-1 Student Exchange Visitor are eligible for F-2 dependent status if F1 student can provide additional proof of financial support when requesting a new or updating to a current I-20 from .

How can my dependent acquire F-2 status?

Each F-2 dependent must have his/her own I-20. The I-20 can be obtained from the International Student Office (ISO) by the F-1 status holder. The F-2 dependent I-20 should be signed by the F-1 student. Once dependents have their I-20, they must either

1) Apply for an F-2 U.S. Entry Visa at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate overseas (except Canadian citizens) and gain F-2 status through entry to the U.S. by presenting their

  • Dependent I-20
  • Passport 
  • F-2 U.S. Entry Visa (accompanied by any supporting documents) at the U.S. Port of Entry; OR

2) Apply for a Change of Status within the U.S.

Initial and Continuing F-1 Students

If you are applying for your own initial I-20 and will be accompanied by dependents(s), you need to be sure to include dependent information (and funding should be adequate) in the appropriate section of the I-20 application HERE.

Continuing F-1 Transfer Students

If you are a student holding a valid F-1 SEVIS record at another institution with a dependent or dependents who already hold an F-2 SEVIS record then their record will automatically transfer with the F-1 visa holders record when the transfer to Harrisburg University is initiated. The dependent I-20's will be provided with the F-1 students I-20 at orientation.

*If your dependent(s) does not have an existing F-2 record then you will need to request a dependent I-20 by following the instructions below

How to apply for an I-20 for your dependent(s):

Prepare the required supporting documents and submit a request to Add a New Dependent HERE

Please Note:

  • Parents or other relatives are NOT eligible to be F-2 dependents
  • Dependent children must be unmarried and under 21 years of age

Required Documentation

1) Copy of both passport ID pages for each dependent

2) Copy of your marriage certificate if you have a spouse dependent

3) Copy of the birth certificate for any child dependents

4) A new bank statement (from within the past 6 months) is required to show the $26,500 for student financial support ($16,500 for tuition + $10,000 living expenses) plus an additional $5,000 for first dependent (spouse or child), and $2,500 for each additional dependent 

5) If you are using a sponsor (someone other than yourself) for your bank statement, you will also require an affidavit of support: Please see attached document 


F-2 Dependents are NOT eligible to work.

Travel and Reentry into the U.S.

F-2 dependents follow similar travel and reentry procedures as the F-1 status holder, but should carry copies of the F-1's most recent immigration documents if traveling separately.

Extension of Stay

The duration of the F-1 status holder's program is stated in item 3 of the I-20. If the F-1 is eligible and applies for an extension of stay, the dependent's period of stay will automatically be extended.