Please be advised that an updated attendance policy for all executive format programs will be in place beginning with the fall of 2022 semester and moving forward. This policy explains the expectations and implications for all F-1 International students related to their visa requirements of attendance in their executive session classes. Faculty will be documenting attendance in all executive sessions.


The policy is as follows:


HU international graduate students in F-1 immigration status are required by United States immigration laws to be continually enrolled in a full-time status. At HU, this requires maintaining a six-credit course load in every semester of enrollment.


Per SEVIS guidelines, F-1 students must attend their classes for every scheduled executive session in which they are registered (as well as maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined by HU’s graduate catalog). An F-1 student who misses any classes of an executive format session during a semester will be marked absent and reported to the International Student Office (ISO).


When notified, the ISO will take the following steps to address attendance issues:


First absence in a semester: the ISO will send a warning email to the student and the student’s employer if the student has work authorization. If the student requires a legally permissible medical reduced course load (RCL), it is the student’s responsibility to file a request with the ISO before a second absence. Should the student’s request for medical RCL be denied, the student is expected to attend all remaining executive sessions to maintain F-1 status.


Second absence in a semester: The student’s SEVIS record will be terminated if no medical RCL was approved. An email will be sent to the student and the student’s employer if the student has work authorization, notifying of the SEVIS record termination and termination of work authorization. The student will be required to depart the United States immediately. If a student desires to file for reinstatement or an alternative immigration status after termination in SEVIS, it is the student’s responsibility to secure and pay for private immigration counsel to assess what options are available to regain a legally recognized immigration status, as well as take appropriate legal steps to achieve a recognized immigration status.