Students have the option to change their program while studying at HU. If you have changed your program, you will need to submit a request in Terra Dotta in order to receive a new I-20 with the updated major program code.   

*Please note that any current CPT authorizations are directly linked to your program of study. If you change your program, your current job position needs to be reviewed to make sure it aligns with your new program of study.  

 If you are an F-1 student and would like to change your program, please follow these steps:  

If you are NOT authorized for CPT:  

  • Once your Change of Program is approved by the office of Records and Registration, please submit a Change of Program request in Terra Dotta in order to have this updated on your SEVIS record and receive a new I-20 reflecting your new program.   

If you are authorized for CPT:  

  • Submit a new Academic Work placement form to the Records and Registration office. Academic Work Placement : Harrisburg University Records & Registration  
  • Once your Change of Program AND Academic Work Placement form is approved by the office of Records and Registration, submit a Change of Program request in Terra Dotta to have this updated on your SEVIS record and receive a new I-20 reflecting your new program. Please upload a copy of your signed AWP form if you wish to keep your CPT authorization.  
  • If your program end date has changed due to additional semesters needed to complete your new program, please add this date in the questionnaire in Terra Dotta to receive a new end date on your I-20.   

*Please note that if you have completed 24 credits or more in your current program, you are ineligible to change your program unless there is a specific academic need or justification for your request. Please contact the office of Records and Registration and the International Student Office to learn more about eligibility

*If you are changing only your concentration (not your program), please work with the office of Records and Registration to make this change. This will not require an I-20 update.