CPT in the PhD Program

PhD programs at HU do not require work placement, therefore the only times Curricular Practical Training (CPT) can be requested are the following:

After the equivalent of a full year of studies, during the coursework part of the program, for any semester there is a

  • required credit-bearing semester-long internship 
  • required semester-long field work placement, approved by program advisor as necessary to enhance learning
  • required alternative work experience assigned in the syllabus by a course professor as necessary to advance learning

Please note: these placements are only eligible a semester at a time and need to be re-authorized once eligibility is verified by the DSO. If a practicum (work placement) is required by your program in the first or second semester, the full-year-of-studies-prior to eligibility can be waived.

A doctoral student who completes all coursework and enters the thesis/dissertation phase of the program may be considered for CPT if the work experience is clearly documented as necessary for completion of the thesis or dissertation, as determined by the dissertation advisor. 

Faculty advisors should approve all required placements and student should request qualifying CPT: HERE.