HU has a grade designation of “FD – Failed - Disciplinary”. 

As outlined by the Student Handbookin cases of repeated or particularly egregious academic misconduct within a course, a faculty member may assign a failing grade for the course. If this occurs prior to the completion of the course, the student will receive an “FD” on their academic record and will be removed from the course roster. Students will earn zero grade points for the 3 credit course which will impact the overall GPA.


F-1 students are cautioned: understand and follow HU’s policies for academic honesty and expectations of originality. Failure to abide by those expectations may have even more serious implications than failing a course. If you would like more guidance regarding HU’s expectations, please visit the Graduate Student Support Portal.

For F-1 students: lost credits due to the FD grade must be made up with overloads during the program, before the program end date. No program extension will be granted due to lost credits for an FD grade. Please be especially aware: receiving an FD grade in the last semester is not an eligible reason for a program extension.

Please read about the Program Extension and Course Overloads policies for more information.