Recently, HU has revised our grading scale and implemented a grade designation of “FD – Failed - Disciplinary”. This grade will designate that a student failed a course due to academic dishonesty.  We are sending you this notice regarding the implications of being removed from a course for founded academic misconduct.


As outlined by the Student Handbookmost academic misconduct is reported and sanctioned by the instructor. For repeated or particularly egregious academic misconduct within a course, a faculty member may assign a failing grade for the course. If this occurs prior to the completion of the course, the student will receive a “FD” on their academic record and will be removed from the course roster. This would mean that a student taking two courses, or 6 semester credits, would drop to an enrollment of 3 credits in the semester. Any student that drops below the 6 semester credits will be considered part-time. If you are a F-1 student, dropping to part-time enrollment may impact your Visa status.


HU would like to stress the importance of understanding HU’s expectations regarding academic honesty and expectations of originality. Failure to abide by our expectations may have even more serious implications than failing a course. If you would like more guidance regarding HU’s expectations, please reach out to