Validation Reports and 12-Month Evaluations 

In addition to reporting any changes to your employment and contact information, you are also required to complete scheduled validation reports and evaluations. 

Students may receive an email from SEVP indicating that they need to confirm their address, telephone, and employer information.  This is referring to the validation reports.  Even if your information has not changed or you update your information in the portal, it is still a requirement for you to send your validation reports and evaluations to a DSO.

  • Validation reports are used to confirm that the name, address, employer, and employment status listed in your SEVIS record are correct. These reports are due to ISO every 6 months from the approved STEM extension start date. Submit 6 month OPT Validation Reports HERE 

  • Evaluations of student progress are included in Form I-983 and must be completed by the student and employer and submitted to ISSS every 12 months. The “Evaluation on Student Progress” should be submitted within 12 months of the listed STEM OPT start date. The “Final Evaluation on Student Progress” should be submitted at the termination of employment and/or 24 months after the STEM OPT start date. 

***If you cannot access your account, please do not submit a ticket to the DSO.  If you have an issue with your alumni credentials, please submit your request to IT help (not a DSO).  Only IT can assist in accessing your account:

IT Help desk:


Please report all changes and validation reports HERE.