Forgotten / Lost / Stolen Documents

  • Entry to the U.S. without the proper documentation is problematic.
  • It may happen that the individual is not even permitted to board the aircraft without an I-20 or I-797.
  • If the individual is allowed to board, the inspecting officer might issue Form I-515A as described below.
  • In any case, it is recommended that the individual make every effort to retrieve their document by calling a friend who can ship it express mail or by contacting the ISO to prepare a duplicate.
  • Photocopies of lost of stolen passports are not sufficient for re-entry. An individual whose passport is missing will have to postpone travel until a new passport can be obtained from the home country government. It will also be necessary to obtain a new U.S. visa stamp from a U.S. Embassy or Consulate.
  • Students should print out an unofficial transcript from myHU to show that they have been registered full-time.

I-20 Missing or Not Properly Signed (Possible I-515A)

  • If you try to enter the U.S. without an I-20 or with an outdated signature from the International Student Office, you might be admitted without further question or be sent to secondary inspection where a Customers and Border Protection (CBP) officer could issue Form I-515A and admit you for only 30 days, as indicated on the I-94. In the worst case, you may be denied entry.
  • If you received Form I-515A, contact a Harrisburg University DSO immediately.
  • Form I-515A includes instructions on how to correct one's status by mailing the requisite documentation to the DHS office in Washington D.C. for deferred inspection.
  • Per DHS, your SEVIS record status will terminate if DHS does not receive the requisite documentation by the I-94 expiration date. As a result, your legal status in the U.S. will end.

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