Important links: 

If you need any of the following documentation, please follow the instructions below. You will need to submit an individual request for each document through the links provided:

  • ID cards: HU was not issuing Student ID cards during the COVID-19 pandemic. Your student ID card will be provided to you if applicable when you attend your first in-person class. For more information, contact Grad Student Services:
  • Enrollment Verification Letter: Please submit a request to the Office of Records and Registration by following these instructions: Request an Enrollment Verification Letter : Harrisburg University Records & Registration
  • CPT agreements: You can find information about HU’s CPT policy here: Harrisburg University CPT policy. The CPT authorization form that you submitted to HU in your original CPT request serves as the cooperative agreement.
  • Transcripts: You can find your unofficial transcripts in your MyHU portal. If you need your official transcripts, please follow the instructions in this article: Request a Transcript : Harrisburg University Records & Registration
  • Attendance:   Physical/virtual attendance is required for successful completion of courses. Therefore, successful completion of courses indicates physical/virtual presence. Your I-20 forms prove that you were attending your courses and maintaining your F-1 status. You should keep a copy of all I-20 forms for your records. If you are missing any, please look through your HU email as an electronic copy is usually sent. 
  • HU’s past Covid-19 announcements for virtual instruction: Please see attached 
  • Syllabi: HU does not provide syllabus copies for completed courses as it is the student’s responsibility to save these for their records if needed for personal use. If you do not have your syllabi, you can download the course descriptions from the HU online course catalogue: Courses - Harrisburg University. Please do not reach out to your professor for syllabus copies.