If you are enrolling in a new program of study that is eligible for CPT, you will need to submit a new CPT application.  CPT does not automatically carry over from one degree to another.  

Once you have registered for courses for your new program of study, you will need to complete the following steps to apply for CPT:

Please note: CPT cannot be authorized for the period of time between programs.  Any current CPT authorization will end along with the program end date (or on the authorization end date, whichever is earlier).  Any new CPT authorization will not be valid until the start of the new program (or until the CPT start date on the new I-20).  There are no exceptions to this rule. 

  • Obtain a copy of your official offer letter on company letterhead that is signed by the prospective employer. A photocopy is acceptable. The letter should include the employer’s name, full address, dates of employment, and a detailed job description outlining how the job duties are directly related to the new program of study.

  • Complete a CPT Form with your employer. 
    • Helpful Tips for completing the CPT Form
      • Position Title and Position Description: The student’s position title and description are to be entered on these lines to indicate direct relation between the job duties and program of study.

      • Start Date and End Date: The start and end dates for which you are requesting CPT authorization are to be entered on these lines.  The CPT start date cannot be prior to the start of classes for the new program of study.  The CPT end date cannot be more than 364 days past the selected start date.

  • Submit the CPT application HERE