If you are applying for an extension of current CPT authorization

  • Provide a copy of your original offer letter (even if the letter is the same as previously submitted)

  • Complete a new CPT Form with your employer, with new start and end dates
    • Helpful Tips for completing the CPT Form:
      1. Position Title and Position Description: The student’s position title and description are to be entered on these lines to indicate direct relation between the job duties and program of study.
      2. Start Date and End Date: The updated dates of the CPT extension should be indicated on these lines.

  • In order for your CPT extension to be processed, you must be registered for the semester during which the CPT extension start date falls.  For example, if you would like to apply for a CPT extension with a start date of September 1, you must be registered for the Fall semester (or alternatively the Late Summer semester), in order for the CPT extension to be authorized. 

  • Submit the CPT application via your student portal in Terra Dotta or click HERE.
    • When submitting requests in Terra Dotta, make sure you have completed all required 
      items and also make sure to hit SUBMIT at the top of the main page of the ticket or 
      it will not reach our office.
    • Terra Dotta does not send confirmation emails, however when you successfully 
      complete the request you should see some text in a green box saying "Your request 
      has been acknowledged and will be processed in the order in which it was received" 
      with the date and time the request was received.  That is how you know the request 
      has reached our office.